Presbyopia Lens Option Chart-POSTER


Format: Small Poster (16x12in)
Small Poster (16x12in)
Large Poster (24x18in)
Finish: Glossy
Fine Art Finish

A snapshot visual comparing single vision, bifocal and trifocal/progressive lens options for presbyopic patients. This chart simplistically breaks down all of the lenses available for these patients with written descriptions, bullet points of ideal candidates, and helpful visual diagrams for each lens design. Help your patients (and staff!) comprehend their different options with this easy-to-digest comparison chart!

This listing is for poster sized prints and does not include a frame. 
Size: Small (16 x 12 in) or Large (24 x 18 in)

Available in glossy or fine art finish (100% cotton paper with a smooth-uncoated finish) 

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