Trust me, I get it...

As an optometrist with 10 years of clinical experience, I'm no stranger to the headaches that come along with being a doctor. Especially if you own your own office!

If you're not seeing patients you're charting, managing staff, juggling administrative work, fielding patient complaints, dealing with insurance, technical issues, and more. Not to mention staying up to date with the newest contact lenses and medications on the market. All of this and you still haven't even scratched the surface of maintaining your office website, marketing your business and developing a social media presence to help increase business and patient retention!

Sure, you're a jack of all trades but you can't possibly do it all! That's where I come in.

I have a passion for patient education, an eye for design, and a love for writing. In addition to practicing, I also operate my own food blog called Cuts and Crumbles. Being part of the blogging world since 2016 has vastly expanded my knowledge of website design, SEO and digital marketing. 

Mix all of that up with my OD degree, years of clinical experience, and expertise in knowing what and how to communicate to patients and it makes me a pretty perfect niche content creator! (If I do say so myself).

I truly love to create patient education pieces that are thorough, yet simplified, with an element of design that is eye-catching (get it?) and unique. My goal is to make your work flow simpler, increase patient retention and reduce valuable chair time.

Browse my shop for templates or request a custom order if you're not seeing what you need!