PAL Adaptation FAQ Card


Finish: Glossy
Amount: 100

A simplistic visual for helping patients understand the best way to adapt to their new progressive lenses. The front of this rack card features 3 common tips and the back of the card includes a diagram that breaks down which zone is used for which vision range as well as a reminder about peripheral distortion expectations. 

By providing this information at dispensing, patients already know what to expect and what issues have been common amongst other PAL wearers. Set your new PAL patients up for success and prevent unnecessary Rx checks and remakes by giving them this helpful diagram to refer back to as they adjust to their new lenses! 

Size: Landscape Rack Card (9 x 4 in), printed on premium paper (216-270gsm)

Listing price covers cost for printed documents, shipping, and customization (adding office logo and necessary information).

Special Notes: Please attach logo prior to purchasing! In the notes section of your order please include your office phone number, address and website.