Patient Retention Optical Card


Finish: Glossy
Amount: 100

*Co-designed with Renee Wheelock, business strategist and CEO of Eye 2 Eye Development. 

This optical postcard is designed using key strategies from Eye 2 Eye Development to help increase practice profit through patient retention. Designed to focus on patients who choose to walk with their Rx as well as contact lens patients who do not purchase glasses on the day of their exam. To fully benefit from implementation, reach out to Renee Wheelock by booking a free call here

Size: 5.5 x 4.25 in, printed on deluxe paper (300-350gsm)

Listing price covers cost for printed documents, shipping, and customization (adding office logo and necessary information).

Special Notes: Please attach logo prior to purchasing! In the notes section of your order please include your office phone number, email address and the URL you'd like me to use for the QR code.