Online Glasses Ordering FAQ Card


Finish: Glossy
Amount: 100

FINALLY--An optometrist's guide to buying your glasses online! (Stay with me on this...)

This landscape rack card is designed to catch the eye of patients who want to walk with their prescription. It features a statistic that nearly 50% of glasses ordered online are incorrect or have safety issues. It also breaks down a professional recommendation on why face-to-face fittings are the best option to help eliminate eyestrain and reduce lens remakes. 

On the back side of the card is a diagram of all of the information and measurements our opticians are trained to gather for an accurate fitting and a note about how prescribing glasses goes far beyond a few numbers.

The goal of this card is to remind our patients that there truly is a science behind choosing the right pair of glasses, and that their investment in custom fit glasses is well worth it. 

Size: Landscape Rack Card (9 x 4 in), printed on premium paper (216-270gsm)

Listing price covers cost for printed documents, shipping, and customization (adding office logo and necessary information).

Special Notes: Please attach logo prior to purchasing! In the notes section of your order please include your office phone number and address as well as the URL you'd like me to use for the QR code.